"Besides the star crossed lovers, the youthful cast is full of many supporting characters who bring new life to these inanimate objects, particularly Roxy York, as the opera-diva turned wardrobe. York is a big voiced comedienne that has great stage presence."




"The absolute standout in the play was Madame Bouche (Roxy York). She had perfect timing and delivered over the top lines for her over the top personality. The audience laughed every time she got on stage."




"Roxy York's operatic diva adds comic relief and vocal chops."




"Madame de la Grande Bouche (Roxy York), an opera singing wardrobe received an applause each entrance, and delivered an outstanding performance."


                                    -The Arkansas Traveler      


"Madame de la Grande Bouche was a joy to watch as performed by Roxy York. York has a comedic grace that was first-rate. She was able to convey her warmth and grace through her voice inflections and charm. It was delightful to watch her glide across the stage with the sophistication of an opera singer while being costumed as a chifferobe."


                                  -The Column


"Although Ms. York's role is relatively small in the grand scheme of the musical, she steals every scene she is in and brought a layer of tongue-in-cheek comedy that truly made her stand out - along with her enormous costume."

                                - Broadway World 

"Madame de la Grande Bouche, the wardrobe opera singer, is brought to life by the powerhouse Roxy York."


                                 -Dan's Papers

Annie national tour 

"Other standouts in this large, talented ensemble include Adam Du Plessis and Roxy York as Drake and Mrs. Pugh as the very competent heads of the household staff."  

                                  -Chicago Theatre Review



"As Tevye’s wife, Golde, Roxy York stands up, in stature and in voice, to the character, based on the short stories of Sholem Aleichem. Such is Roxy’s gravitas that when she interrupts one of Tevye’s discussions with God, he quickly tells his deity, “I’ll talk with you later.”


                                   -Valley News